VIGILANTES FORCE Squatters From NYC Home After Police ARRESTED Homeowner, Mob Law Is BACK



When you no longer have a say to your own property youre experiencing communism.

They ar not vigilantes. They are Americans protecting Americans.


  1. Vigilante Justice is inferred by the 2nd Amendment, [when our Justice system fails to protect our Democratic Rights]; too Defend our Democracy from Enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC! “well regulated Militia”- competent execution of all means in Defense of Democracy, Justice, Liberty and Freedom. IMO

  2. As an American and a taxpayer I totally approve of this action,that squatter law is complete bullshit,how do you give people who haven’t paid a cent for the property they take over the rights to live in that home over the person who has been paying the bills,this is a law that needs to be changed

  3. We have a constitutional right to defend ourselves from enimies BOTH forein and DOMESTIC ( as in state governments Calif. & N.Y). That means we can use lethal force if nessesary. That is why they made the 2nd amendment!!!

  4. Great job to take back what is yours. Seems the law won’t. You can thank the far left Communist democrat party for this BS. It’s all about illegal votes at your expense. NY was always a tuff city and it took care of its own. But in the last 6 years the democrats took that away for the city. Maybe, just maybe the city will return back to the working class that made it what it is … or what it was …

  5. As a disabled veteran who took the same oath every one in government took I can only say ” They are NOT VIGILANTES they are PATRIOTS. The ones who wont stand with their oath are nothing more than TRAITORS. Read a dictionary. Those same traitors are all DEMOCRATS and should be removed.

    • Yep the citizens will ultimately have to teach the thugs and the ones from out of country what it’s going to be. Get rid of both. Load your weapons and get it done that would be thugs democrats. Yes by a boot in the ass or gun

  6. every judge, prosecutor, da, and cop involved in the arrest of he homeowner needs to have to pay $500000 each to the homeowner and well as bee required to spend 4 hours every day defending the home owners property.

    The problem we have in american is that governemtn workers are not punished for their government actions. we need to change that.

    • The hells angels needs to advertise eviction agencies. having 50 bikers ride up and drag the vagrants out while screaming get out of our drug dens. then beat a few of the bigger guys to a pulp and kidnap a few of the women and sell them to the cartel.

      The vagrants will not take long to leave the next time they hear motorcycles out front.

      hey Hells angels folks!!! yeah you, its a business opportunity. I bet you can charge $10,000 for 10 minutes of work

  7. Well, We the people’s need more people’s as vigilant ( which in truth they are Patriots defending the Country from corrupted politics) Hope to see more and more Patriots doing that. A good 4th of july is needed. We do love to see the sky bright orange

  8. If you have been listening to what the Democrats on the left have been saying, you know they think we shouldn’t be allowed to own any property. They went so far as to say we would be much better off and happier if we didn’t own anything. They are doing their level best to keep posting laws that will allow the government to possess all property and lands.

  9. There should be NO squatter’s rights period! If the squatters can’t prove ownership with a property title or deed, they should be arrested for breaking and entering and illegal trespassing! And the police have a duty to arrest them, they are breaking the law! Individual states have to get rid of any squatter’s rights on the books! The vigilantes were doing what needed to be done, if the squatters refuse to leave voluntarily, there are other ways of removing them. The home owners have the right to change the locks, disconnect all utilities , it is THEIR property, home owners rights come first! NOT the squatters!

  10. New york is a risky place to live, work or have a company. the democrats are in full confiscation mode. they do not have the money to run their illegals alien and drug addict give away programs so they are out to steal as much as they can as fast as they can.

    Only morons own assets in new york anymore,. you can bet that after trumps trials are over the trump company will be selling off assets in new york as fast as they can.

    The same will be true of most other intelligent companies.

  11. Everyone hates the leftists/liberals/progressives/democrats. we have all figured out that they are tyrannical dictators who take away rights, create huge taxes, and create massive regulations while distracting people with silly arguments like abortion.

    The fact is no one wins when democrats are in charge. Democrats are as anti liberal and pro fascist as you can get. If you are still voting democrat Hitler and Stalin are proud of you.


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